Ebrahim Mattar, Ph.D.
UoB Associate Professor of  Cybernetics,  Computational Intelligence & Robotics.                                                                                                                                                                                                             Last Update: Thursday, April 17, 2014

University of Bahrain
Research Interests:  Cybernetics, Control, Computational AI & Robotics                                                                                                                                                                                                  Biography      Résumé     Professional Statement


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BSc.: Electrical Engineering, University of Bahrain, 1986.
Linguistics Certificate, University of Southampton, UK, 1988.
MSc.: Studied Msc. in Electronics, University of Southampton,
          UK, 1989.
Ph.D: Robotics & Intelligent  Systems, Dept. Cybernetics,
          University of Reading, UK, 1994.
Certificate: Academic Teaching Development,
          University of Bahrain, Bahrain, 1997.
MBA of Gulf Executive Education, Darden School,
          University of Virginia, USA, 2000.
British Council Certification: Industry & Education: Working
          Together, Birmingham, UK, 2000.
Certificate: Ohio University, (Faculty Development Program), 2011.
Certification: National Instruments LabView Training Part-I,
          Lebanon, 2008.
Certification: National Instruments LabView Training Advanced
          Lebanon, 2008.
Certificate: Academic Integrity And Plagiarism.  University of  
          Bahrain, Bahrain, 2012.
i) IET Bahrain Local Network Professional Event (January 2013). Location:
@ BSE.
ii) Control Symposium : IET Sponsored Automatic Control Symposium. (Sponsored by IET Control & Automation Network).  Location: University of Bahrain. May 2012.  For details, contact me on:     ebmattar@theiet.org    or   ebmattar@ieee.org
iii) Latest news and Updated related to Robotics, Cybernetics & AI (World Wide).  Please follow this  LINK.
iv) New Publication: Robotics Arm Visual Servo: Estimation of Arm-Space Kinematics Relations With Epipolar Geometry. Chapter (21) in Robotic Systems,  ISBN 978-953-307-941-7. , (2012).   LINK
iiv) IET-Bahrain LN Event:  Developing Renewable Energy Sources in Bahrain,
27 Feb. 2013 @ UOB
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SOME OF X-Duties:
Director General of BTI,  Bahrain Training Institute (2011-2013)
IET Knowledge Programme Advisory Board Member
IET EMEA Regional Board Member
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Dr.  Ebrahim Abdullah Mattar
P. O.  Box  13184,  Muharreq,  Kingdom of Bahrain
  Office Tel:   + 973 17-876606
       Office Fax:   + 973 17-683805

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