Seminars and Invited Talks




1. “Computational Electromagnetics for Novel Antenna Designs” IEEE Alexandria Sub-section, Alexandria University Seminar, March 2004.


2. “Future Trends in Wireless Communications” IEEE Alexandria Sub-section, AASTMT Seminar, July 2005.


3.  “Health effects of Mobile Phone and Base Stations, EM Dosimetry, Safety Aspects, CAD Modelling and Novel Designs”,

 IEEE Alexandria Sub-section, tomorrow’s wireless world workshop, OCT 2005.


4. “Smart Antennas for CDMA Mobile Communications systems” Nov. 2007, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, College of Engineering, Alexandria


5. one week workshop on " Mastering Educational engineering Software" , UOB, 22-26 April 2007.



6. "Interactions between mobile phone antennas and human body" IET Bahrain, 15 Jan 2008, Bahrain Society of Engineering

(download : Presentation in pdf format)



7. " Wireless space time MIMO Systems and IEEE802.11n standards" EE Department, April  2009, College of Engineering


7. Organization of wireless communications forum WCF2008-UoB entitled

                                "Trends and Challenges in Modern Wireless Communications Systems"

held on Tuesday 6th May 2008, University of Bahrain.

1.           Co-Head of the Organizing committee

2.           Chairing a session at the forum

3.           Speaker for the talk entitled" Capacity investigations and channel modeling for MIMO communication systems"

4.           Developing the forum website:





8. Mobile Phone base Stations: is there a health hazard ?( RF Radiation measurements, Standards and Protection)

                           Sunday  25th  of  October 2009,  Bahrain Society of Engineers  (7: 00 pm)

(download : Presentation in pdf format)