I Supervised and co -Supervised the following: (finished)


  1. M. Sc. Linear and Planner Antenna Arrays design using Genetic Algorithm (M. Sabry, 2002, AAST)
  2. M. Sc. Design of Multiband Fractal antennas. (A. Zaki, 2003, AAST)
  3. M. Sc. Smart antennas for 3rd generation CDMA mobile communication systems (A. Moussa,   2004, AAST)
  4. M. Sc. Gateway Discovery in Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing for Internet Connectivity (H. Meshrefi, 2007, AAST)
  5. M. Sc. Beamforming techniques for OFDM wireless communication systems (M. Shokry,  2007, AAST)
  6. M. Sc. Design of UWB antennas (A. Gomaa, AAST, started 2007)


Current postgraduate supervision (@UOB)

1. Space Time Coding and MIMO systems for wireless Communications.

2. Optimization for antenna array designs.

3. Performance analysis of (VANET) Vehicles Ad – Hoc Networks (UoB)


Bs.c Final Year Projects

q  (AAST) IS95 System and bluetooth technology, Fall 2002

q  (AAST) Internet Via satellite and VSAT network, Fall 2004

q  (AAST) Wireless LAN, Fall 2005

q  (AAST ) DSP implementation of communication systems, software defined radio, Fall 2006.

q  (UOB)"Bluetooth speech transmission for car GPS Navigation assistance", Fall 2007. (taymour)

q  (UOB)"Musical Equalizer system using digital signal processing ", Fall 2008. (Karim)

q  (UOB) " Design of secured wireless computer network”, Fall 2009. (Mudather)